Protective End Caps

Designed to prevent damage to safety press block that might reduce effective tonnage rating. These caps are strongly recommended on top and bottom.
Safety press block holder provides a safe, designated place near electrical connection. It is available for all our safety press blocks, including any accessories. Rubber retention strap in included.
Wedges (Aluminum or Hardwood)

Used to fill the gap between the safety press block and the upper slide (RAM). Aluminum is the most durable and much preferred, though hardwood is available.

Provides a safe method of handling safety press block. Two handles are highly recommended for longer blocks and heavy-weight adjustable models.
Power Cut-Off System
In storage - When the safety block is stored on the side of the press with the safety plug connected to the control circuit, the press is operative.
In use - When the safety block is in the press bed area with the safety plug disconnected from the control circuit, the press is inoperative.
This system complies with OSHA Energy and CSA lockout regulations.
CSA Certified File No. LR6837
U.L. Certified File No. E46237
Made in the USA

Our manufacturing facility is dedicated for producing the highest quality safety press blocks and accessories in the industry. We pride ourselves on extremely fast delivery from the time of order to shipment, normally within 48 hours.

Our Saf-T-Block plant will build to your needs, including many special options at a fair price.
Saft-T-Block meets OSHA Requirements
Canadian and U.S. Applicable Standards for Presses CSA (Power Press)
7. Machinery Requirements  OSHA (Power Press)   Standards-29 CFR Part 1910
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