These blocks are used when a customer doesn’t have a need for an adjustable block and just wants one fixed size.  Aluminum or wood wedges are available as an added option to fill in any gaps.  They can be built as small as a few inches up to many feet and depending on size can go up to 150 tons of load coverage.


These come base as extrusion only or you can add the protective end caps as seen below.

*Pictured above L-R are the LSB 50 Ton, MSB 110 Ton, and HSB 150 Ton with the added option of end caps

Determining Standard Safety Block Length
***formula does not work with large bed sizes***

1) Find stroke of the press.
2) Depending on how block is to be used: With die open (stroke up), measure either the space between the upper and lower die OR the space between the slide (RAM) face and the bolster at the point where the block(s) would be placed.
3) Add (1) and (2) together ~ TOTAL (Also when measuring, consider that the slide is adjustable.)
4) If wedges are to be used, subtract 1½" maximum.
(This is allowance for variation in the stopping point of the crank shaft.)
5) If end caps are ordered, subtract the end cap allowance for the desired size of block.
     LSB-1”      MSB -1”         HSB 1¼"